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Online accounting

Online system simplifies accounting and makes it more comfortable. Online accounting means that the company’s accounting documents are stored in a single automatic database. This is minimizing the duplication of documents and the need to make double entries, and accounting becomes more efficient.


Accouting for companies

Depending on the volume of the company’s accounting documents, You can purchase accounting services either on a volume basis or a flat monthly fee principle.

Volume based principle is particularly suitable for companies where the volume of accounting documents significantly varies on a monthly basis. Regarding this method, the outsourced service price is different each month but at the same time clients do not feel like paying for the services they do not use.

The flat monthly fee is recommended for companies with similar volumes of accounting documents on a monthly basis or upon the need for payroll accounting for more than 2 persons. The exact price of the monthly fee is agreed upon during negotiations. Indicative prices are provided in the price list.

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Payroll accounting

Outsourcing Human Resources Management saves significant time and money for the Company’s financial department, also making their job easier and faster.

Austin's team organizes all the activities required to manage the company's employees, including. payroll and leave records, personnel data management, communication with the Health Insurance Fund and the Tax Office, where necessary, and so on.


Financial analysis

To get a better insight into the company's fortunes, and the results, prepare financial analyzes according to the company's specific circumstances.

The financial objective of the analysis is, for example, the company's profitability and efficiency of measurement, evaluation of liquidity, or the like. Financial analysis helps to assess the company's current situation and on this basis to improve its financial position.